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Why Buy from us?

NOT ALL REARVIEW CAMERA SYSTEMS ARE CREATED EQUAL. If you take a rearview camera or monitor that is built for an RV or sport utility and put it on a utility truck with harsh vibration and exposure to extreme temperatures it's not going to last. Therefore we build our monitors and cameras to meet and exceed all SAE-J1455 commercial truck standards.

REARVIEW BRAND MONITORS: Our monitors are built with LED back-lit panels as opposed to others which use a cheaper florescent tube back light. Therefore our monitors can withstand more vibration and operate at a cooler temperatures. Heat and vibration are the top causes of monitor damage and failure.

The Rearview STM series of monitors also feature the patented “Adjustable Rear Scale Line". This allows you to calibrate the rear scale line to a predetermined distance. Giving the driver a better idea of how close or far away he is to an object.

MONITOR MOUNTING SYSTEM: All STM monitors are mounted using the four screw AMPs mounting design. Unlike the T-bolt design, the AMPs design holds our monitors securely in place even under high vibration.

REARVIEW BRAND CAMERAS: Our cameras use only the highest quality image sensors. Low quality cameras have poor picture quality. Our lens covers are made of tempered glass to withstand vibration. Cheaper cameras use non-tempered glass or plastic covers to cut cost.

INFRA-RED LOW LIGHT ASSISTANCE: Many people think the more LED infra-red diodes used in the camera the better, right? This is not always correct. If you see a camera with 20 to 30 infra-red LEDs the chances are that it has a cheap image sensor and therefore requires more light when viewing in low light. Infra-red LEDs have different power rating. One ultra bright LED can produce as much light as 4 standard infra-red LEDs.

CAMERA HEATER: This feature keeps ice and snow from building up on the camera when driving in cold climates. The heating unit is automatic and turns on when the temperature drops to 32F. Our heated cameras operating temperature is rated at a bone chilling -58F.

CAMERA WATERPROOFING: Rearview brand cameras are 100% waterproof and approved for steam and high preasure cleaning. That's why every Rearview brand camera has a Lifetime Warranty on water intrusion.

HEAVY DUTY CAMERA BRACKET: Most camera brackets are made of stamped aluminum. Given time and vibration they will break. This is why Rearview only uses polished stainless steel brackets. Our brackets have a Lifetime Warranty.

CAMERA CABLES: Our camera cables are shielded to prevent radio interference, heavy duty with waterproof connectors, and carry a Lifetime Warranty.

VALUE: When compaired to other brands, Rearview products are the best value. Longer life and better warranties is what we offer. We also extend to you (at no charge) technical support for life with any Rearview brand product.


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