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Rear View Camera System Extension Cables

Need long cables for backup safety cameras in your fleet? We've got you covered with extension cables in different lengths. Longer cables can protect your transmitter from the elements and deliver a clearer view on the monitor. Our shielded rear view camera extension cords can add 5, 15, 17, 33 or 66 feet to your camera cable. With waterproof screw-on connections and a hex design, a wrench can be used to create a tight and waterproof seal.

Extension cables for backup cameras can increase the distance between your backup camera and wireless transmitter. They're perfect if you want to install backup cameras on larger vehicles like trucks, trailers, tractors, forklifts and RVs. With a longer extension cable, you can mount the transmitter in the most favorable location, and the extra length of our extension cables means you can mount the transmitter so that it receives maximum protection from the elements. When you mount the transmitter closer to the monitor, you'll enjoy a clearer picture as well. Shop now and save with us!

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